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LaurenChandlerAt the age of 21, Lauren sliced, diced, whisked and juiced her way around the world on a Watson Fellowship, learning how diet can promote health and prevent disease. From a holistic healthcare center in England, to an ashram in India, to a raw foods retreat in Portugal, Lauren discovered she was most herself when she donned an apron and made her way to the heartbeat of the establishment – the kitchen.

Lauren then graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts, assisted chef/author Didi Emmons with her cookbook Entertaining for a Veggie Planet, earned her chops at the James Beard House, taught farm-to-table cooking classes, kitchen hopped through Italy, Greece and France, cooked in restaurants, received a master’s degree in social work, and became enchanted with cooking unexpectedly divine fare outdoors on rock climbing trips. She recently attended Eat Retreat, an invite-only workshop dedicated to good food and innovative thinking for leaders in the food community, and was a participant at Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Health Immersion, where she studied food addiction and the nutritarian lifestyle. As healthy cooking coach at Whole Foods Market, Lauren teaches customers and coworkers how easy it can be to make healthful taste decidedly delicious. Her public classes, one-on-one cooking advice, and original recipes for all food preferences focus on celebrating our Pacific Northwest bounty. For more on Lauren and her personalized approach to healthful cooking, visit her website.

Whether you are a strict vegan or believe in everything in moderation, you are welcome in Lauren’s kitchen. Fruits and veggies are beneficial for most everyone, and that common denominator is Lauren’s muse and area of expertise. She’ll coax you out of your produce rut and surprise you with techniques, ingredients, and tips that demonstrate you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or fun for good health.

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