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    Love thy neighbor. It’s easy to do in Portland, Oregon paper editing . Good Keuken sits amongst the collaborative Cully neighborhood near Northeast 42nd Avenue. The chat with hot women Good Keuken partners are the great people and great products a stones throw away. Included in that is Stacey Givens of The Sideyard Farm, our farming partner on a one acre plot just a 10 minute walk away from our school. A culinary school could not ask for more.

    Want to volunteer on our urban farm? Join the list here for upcoming work parties and ground breakings!


    A hop and a skip away are the folks and organizations doing great things for the food world. Good Keuken proudly is a member of and supports: 

    Let’s save this world one bite at a time. Good Keuken salutes those who are making policy, growing essay you can buy green, teaching tots, creating change and bringing food solutions to our future.

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