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The Good Kueken curriculum is focused on local and sustainable practices for professionals and enthusiasts alike, rooted in the tradition of classic method and technique. In addition to cooking classes in Portland, Oregon, programs span outside of our kitchen with international culinary tours as well as local farm and foraging field trips.

Culinary Training: Build. Refine. Grow.

What do our cooking classes look like? See the kitchen in action

Day Course: Full Time

Step into the kitchen for 8-weeks with an intensive course led by David Padberg. Practice and internalize the foundations of cooking while refining your technique. Our focus is hands-on; you start cooking on day one with the menu and knife in hand. Become aware of the story and structure of a recipe, while learning to develop the self-awareness and confidence to be able to step away from it. Develop your signature.

The course from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. We are currently registering students for the Spring Term beginning February 17th.

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Geared towards working professionals, this series is of the same structure of the day course, but offered twice weekly in the evenings. The cadence of learning allows for students to work full-time, yet still achieve their certificate in combination of three, 8-week sessions. Another benefit to working within the time frame is that students are exposed the produce and ingredients of three seasons.

Classes are from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Monday through Friday. We are currently registering students for the Spring Term beginning on February 17th.

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Portland Culinary Immersions: Stay. Cook. Explore.

Experience Oregon’s rich local agriculture, farmers markets, and wineries while taking your kitchen skills to the next level with a 5 or 10-day course rooted in classic culinary technique. Whether you are a local looking to make the most of your staycation or a visitor on a quest for a unique and unforgettable culinary adventure, we invite you to come stir the pot at the kitchen at Good Keuken.

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