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At Good Keuken, we like to host parties, meet farmers, cross the pond to eat food, and go to music festivals. Let’s hit the road. Tours and events in Oregon and international destinations are a core part of the curriculum.

Private Events ⁄ Beginning in June, the Good Keuken kitchen will be open. Would you like a private cooking class for you and your friends? A catered dinner or cocktail party? Our space is well-suited for intimate gatherings and integrated learning opportunities customized for you, your friends and family, or your team. → Use the Good Keuken Kitchen for your event!

Farm Tours ⁄ Time for a road trip. Join the gals of Get Dirty Farm Tours as we traverse the Pacific Northwest connecting food lovers with their farmers. From oysters to olives, experience first-hand how our local food is grown, raised and harvested. Beautiful scenery included. These tours and events are our experiential classroom. → Get dirty!

Sicily Tour / Food cultures of the Old World have much to imbue upon the new. Sicily holds the synchronicity of land, sea, ingredient and tradition. Travel with us to the eastern coast of Catania, resting in the shadow of Mt. Etna to see, understand and taste for ourselves the fruits of one of the world’s richest culinary regions. Salute Sicilia!

France Tour ⁄ What is authenticity of place? What can you learn from a food culture that has evolved for hundreds of years, grounded by the landscape by which it comes from? It is France. Cook with us in the Bordeaux region come this fall. Explore the markets, the producers and the farms. Our table graced every evening by the produce, meats, cheeses, chocolate (!!) and wines of this region woven by you and fellow students into a multi-course meal. We have much to learn by the cultures of old, let’s cross the pond! → Vive la France!