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The maintenance of the end of the trial period is not an obligation. It aims to draw up a first balance sheet on your integration in the company, either with regard to things that you have entrusted to you, but also your punctuality, your behavior… so Many take advantage of the trial period to send positive signals Even if you have plenty of time to get to know your colleagues and your boss or manager, remember that it is a formal interview during which you will have to show you at your best australian essay writing service and especially to show that you have understood the rules of the company. In this regard the employer has informed in interview and then at the beginning of your contract on everything that makes this company, its history, its values as its challenges. If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to ask questions, this will show that you are really interested in this business. And, this will help your maintenance of the end of the trial period to be conducted as a formality.


What will you be talking about The meeting with your department head, your boss or the human resources manager will revolve around four themes that, well-informed, you will have worked in advance. You will first be asked about your general impression on the position that you occupy, and then on the job itself and the company’s strategy (nothing prevents you to propose adaptations if they are consistent), your integration in the team and the behavior of your colleagues. Finally will be discussed the question of your future in the company and your opportunities to be even more efficient. This is also the time, if needed, to discuss the possibility to perform a training.


From the moment you are clear in your words, there is no reason that it goes wrong. In the case where you have found malfunctions in the company, you can talk about it, provided, of course, is to put in the forms. Always make sure to argue your statements, which should not be a problem since you have had several months to sharpen your weapons “.